About Me

I am a Business management (BSc) and Marketing (MSc) graduate from King's College and Queen Mary University. These two institutions are members of the prestigious University of London and Russell group.

I am passionate about business and social enterprise and I am a proud member of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation and alumni of the Young Enterprise Scheme and Career Academy organisation.

I love to travel and my adventures have taken me to North America, The Middle East, Africa and Europe. I am also passionate about health and fitness. Being on a plant-based diet I have been introduced to the Vegan community, which has fueled my interest in wellbeing, nutrition and the food industry. 

To find out more about my work experience and educational background click the link below.


Marketing Consultant

I offer consultancy services dealing with all aspects of Marketing. From social media management and SEO optimisation to Market research and all things in between all basis are covered.

ELizO Jewellery 

ELizO is a handmade jewellery business offering unique handmade pieces to our customers. We specialise in beaded jewellery with a range of items including earrings, bracelets, necklaces and many more accessories.


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